Frequently Asked Questions

What is FireAde®?

FireAde® is the latest technology in Fire Fighting. FireAde® is our signature product classified and certified as both a Class A firefighting product and also a Class B firefighting product. FireAde® is certified UL as both a wetting agent and AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam). FireAde® is better performing than other products that fire departments use because of an unmatched bubble structure for AFFF and also because of it's cooling properties in rapidly reducing dangerous temperatures. FireAde® is also effective for fuel spills and eliminating explosive vapors. Other products include FireAde® Class A, FireAde® AR-AFFF, FireAde® Training Foam, FireAde® Climate Control; FireAde® Freeze Protected Pre-mix, FlameAde™ Flame Retardant, and VaporAde Plus™ Explosive Vapor Control.

What is the difference between FireAde® and other products?

FireAde®, our signature product, is certified by Underwriters Laboratory as dual-class firefighting product and holds a certification as a NFPA 18-2017 wetting agent and also a UL-162 Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF). Our products undergo rigorous testing to maintain our certifications, a specification unmatched by other products on the market.

How do you supply FireAde®?

Our liquid products are available in the following pack sizes: 5 Gallon Pail; 55 Gallon Buckets; 250 Gallon Totes; and bulk tanks. Pricing breaks may be available to you in pallet purchases. Please contact us for quotes and freight costs.

Will FireAde® foam stain surfaces?

No, the foam will not stain.

Is there any special training that is required? Do I need to buy new nozzles or anything else?

No, if you’re already using class A or B foam on a regular basis, then you are ready to go. The only training that is required is for the pump engineer who needs to know what percentage is required.

Are FireAde® Products harmful to the environment?

FireAde products have extensive testing to current standards to demonstrate low toxicity and corrosion, including environmental and ecological tests. FireAde® Products exceed standards for EPA guidelines and have been extensively tested. FireAde® Products contain no EPA or DOT reportable ingredients.

Are FireAde® Products corrosive? Do I need to worry about it fading my paint, or damaging my equipment?

FireAde® Products contain no harsh detergents, or other ingredients that will corrode or damage equipment. FireAde® Products do not have adverse effects on the truck or the property you are protecting.

Do I need to have foam eductors to use FireAde® products UEF Foam?

No: in the absence of a foam proportioning system, using a foam eductor is optimal. However, as stated above FireAde® Products can be mixed directly into the tank or used through a foam proportioning system. However, if adding FireAde® Products directly to the tank we recommend some agitation to ensure adequate dilution.

Will FireAde® void the warranty on my new engine or truck?

No. FireAde® products are UL listed UL 162 and NFPA 18-2017. In general, manufacturers design their tanks to accommodate foams certified to these standards.

Can I batch mix FireAde® products directly into the tank of my truck?

Yes. Departments place FireAde® directly into tanks without any problems. FireAde® products are compatible with eductors, injectors, CAFS, or batch-mixed. FireAde® is non-corrosive and has no adverse effects on tank pumps, valves, or portioning systems. Batch mixing is particularly necessary for departments that have older trucks or smaller brush trucks that may no not have foam-proportioning systems.

Do FireAde® products leave a sticky residue or any other hazardous by-products?

FireAde® products are non-corrosive and will not gel. FireAde® is certified UL 162 to meet environmental standards. We have additional secondary reporting for a multitude of environmental and performance testing that we can share on request.

Is FireAde® compatible with other foams?

Our laboratory tests show that FireAde® concentrates are compatible with other high quality AFFF products. As recommended by NFPA 11, we advise that a batch compatibility test is performed before mixing foam concentrates from different manufacturers. Your Fire Service Plus representative can assist you in this process.

Can FireAde® be used with existing proportioning systems or Compressed Air Foam Systems(CAFS)?

Yes. FireAde® foams carry UL listings on NFPA 18-2017 and UL 162 and contain no ingredients harmful to your existing foam equipment. Many departments are using FireAde® products in place of initial foams as their additive source for compressed air foam systems (CAFS). Please view our products pages for more details.

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