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Fire Service Plus®, Inc. has designed this pre-mix calculator for fire departments that want to pre-mix water tanks with FireAde® products. Add the tank size with the desired percentage of product to get amount of concentrate required. This calculator may be used using standard or metric calculations. Please contact Fire Service Plus®, Inc. for any questions or concerns at 770-460-7793.

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FireAde is the most complete and user friendly firefighting agent produced in the world. FireAde is an effective low, medium, and high expansion foam. UL 162 listed, NFPA 18/2017 rated at 0.25%. EN 1568:3 at 3% and ICAO Level B at 3%.


FireAde eliminates all of the long-established issues of Class B foams; it will not clog, gum, or corrode foam systems and equipment. The global environmental impact system (EIS) for firefighting foams rates all foams on acute aquatic toxicity. FireAde rates lower than the majority of Class A foams with the USDA forestry approval and declared fluorine free foams. FireAde offers the simplicity of using one product to extinguish multiple classifications of fire. This allows fire departments and fire brigades to increase their stocking supply by just using one product, FireAde.

Application Notes

US/European Class A Fires

Class A fires are the most common type of fire occurring 97% of the time. This occurs when an organic solid material becomes sufficiently hot and has oxygen available, causing combustion.

Wood, Grass, Coal, Tires, Hay, Cotton, Cardboard, Initial Knockdown:
0.10% up to 0.50%

Cars, Trucks, Heavy Equipment:
0.50% up to 1.0%

Note: Set Class A foam system defaults at 0.25% or maximum 0.50%. FireAde® will operate in CAF systems but may require adjustments to maximize foaming at low percentages.

Reminder: FireAde® works better with minimal or no foam, compared to traditional Class A foam with heavy or thick foam in all aspects.

US Class B, European Class B/C Fires

Class B fires involve flammable or combustible liquids or gaseous fuels. European/ Australasian system Class B fires involve flammable liquids and Class C burning gases.
Non-Polar Solvents:
Gasoline, Gasoline w/10% Ethanol, Jet A, JP4/5/8, Crude Oil, Diesel, Etc.

Wetting Agent:
0.50%-1.0%. Reapply as needed.

Liquid Foam Concentrate:
3% using 0.10gpm/ft2 for 10-20 minutes. Reapply as needed.

Polar Solvents:
Ethanol, Gasoline w/85% Ethanol, MEK, MTBE, IPA, Etc.

Liquid Foam Concentrate:
6% using 0.26gpm/ft2 for 20-30 minutes. Reapply as needed.

Note: FireAde® is not an Alcohol Resistant (AR) or Alcohol Type Concentrate (ATC) UL 162 Listed product. However, in real time firefighting, FireAde® will work on most polar solvent fires if applied at recommended rates.

US Class C, European Class E Fires

Class C/E fires involve potentially energized electrical equipment.

Caution: Only apply if proper training and equipment is being used. Contact Fire Service Plus® for technical support.

US/European Class D Fires

Class D fires involve combustible metals such as sodium, titanium, magnesium, potassium, lithium, calcium and others. Magnesium and titanium fires are most common.

Recommended application is 3% or 6% using proper equipment.

Caution: Only apply if proper training and equipment is being used. Improper application can cause serious injury. Contact Fire Service Plus for technical support.

US Class K/European Class F Fires

Class K/F fires involve cooking oils or fats.

Recommended application is 3% or 6% using proper equipment.

Caution: Only apply if proper training and equipment is being used. Improper application can cause serious injury. Contact Fire Service Plus® for technical support.


  • UL/UL Canada/ 162 Listed Foam Liquid Concentrate 14CY, NFPA 11 and 16, for non- miscible, non-polar solvents or hydrocarbon fuels.
  • UL/UL Canada/ Wetting Agent Classified in accordance with ANSI/NFPA 18-2017 for physical properties and fire extinguishment 93V0.
  • UL Certificate Number 20170807-EX6296. Report Reference: EX6296-20021119. Issue Date: 2017-AUGUST-07
  • USC, CNC – FireAde wetting agent concentrate, when added to water in concentrations of not less than 0.25% for Class A fires and not less than 0.5% for Class B fires.
  • USL, CNL – FireAde, 3% AFFF foam liquid concentrate intended for use in ambient temperatures between 35° F and 120°F.
  • ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization performance Level B and Level C approved.
  • ISO Insurance Services Organization compliant for Class B foam.
  • EN 1568-3:2008 foam liquid concentrate approved.


FireAde® is compatible with other brands of foam as finished foam.

FireAde® is compatible with other FireAde® products as concentrates.

Flushing Instructions

It is recommended to flush all foam tanks if possible. If not, use as much of previous Class A foam, then add FireAde® concentrate. Mixing with most Class A foams will not cause harm to systems. Flushing is mandatory for all Class B foam tanks before adding FireAde® concentrates. Once FireAde® concentrates are added, flow product to ensure foam tank is operating.

Brochure Product Guide

SDS Sheet
FireAde® in use on tank fire

FireAde® is a UL 162 AFFF

Environmental Requests

All requests for specific disposal and environmental information must be made in writing to J.C. Barb at the email address

FireAde recommends disposal only by approved methods. Please refer to local guidelines and requirements when disposing of FireAde products.

Shelf Life

FireAde® has an unlimited shelf-life.

Please contact Fire Service Plus® for more information.

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